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To be admitted into the ILC you must read and agree to the following information. 

Parent and Student Expectations and Frequently Asked Questions




Participation in the ILC maintains the highest of standards for attendance, assignment completion, and behavior. The following guidelines outline our policies as they relate to attendance, assignments, assessments, and overall student behavior. 


Attendance: Regular, active participation is required in the ILC. Attendance in an online school is as important as attendance in a traditional classroom. In order to learn, complete courses, and graduate you'll need to login and participate on a regular basis. We expect that students are actively engaged, dressed appropriately, and prepared for a day of learning each morning. Students will be expected to turn in assignments each week. While online teachers take attendance, online learning is also flexible. 


Assignments and Communication: In an online setting, it is vitally important to keep pace with assignments, reach out to teachers for support, and communicate when life circumstances prevent assignment completion. 


Behavior: Student behavior in an online setting needs to be positive, supportive, and focused. There will be a virtual school code of conduct presented to all families at the start of the program year. 

Frequently Asked Questions - To Review More FAQs Click Here

If I enroll in the ILC, can I transfer back to traditional school for the blended online/in-person instruction at any time? 


Students cannot transfer to and from the ILC. A one semester minimum commitment is required.

My child is eligible for free and reduced lunch. Can they still receive a meal daily?


All students in the ILC will still have access to the free and reduced lunch program. Families will need to pick-up their lunch at a designated location beginning in Fall of 2020.

What is the parent’s role at BHUSD?

Unlike homeschooling, parents are not teachers at BHUSD but they do have an important role in their student’s education. Parents should help their students create a quiet space for work as well as protecting time to complete their work.  Parents are learning partners and help ensure students are on task and keeping up with their daily work. This assistance with time management is especially important for younger students. Most students require less parental support as they get older.


What is the application deadline?


Our application deadline for the Spring Semester is at 3pm, Tuesday, December 1st, 2020.

Is this NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and UC (University of California) Approved?

Yes, the ILC is both NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and UC (University of California) Approved. 

What happens after we apply?

We will assess your application and contact you with the next steps. This won't happen immediately however, your place will immediately be held.

If you have read the above questions,

please click below to submit your application. 


Combining traditional education with the future, providing a way for every child to learn and grow.

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