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We intend to meet the exemplary fundamental elementals as indicated by the California Department of Education listed here: (


Independent study is fully funded at a level comparable to classroom-based education and receives its proportionate share of categorical funds.


Independent study teachers meet at least the same professional requirements as classroom-based teachers:


The independent study student-teacher ratio is not higher than the student-teacher ratio in the classroom


The direction and resources necessary for the student to meet academic goals while working independently.


Additional assistance, including direct instruction and counseling necessary for individual student success


The school recognizes that successful independent study students have the motivation, commitment, organizational skills, and academic skills necessary to work independently. As necessary, the school assists motivated and committed students in strengthening their organizational and academic skills so they can work independently. Elementary students’ success requires that parents/guardians/caregivers play a significant role as knowledgeable teaching assistants.


Students have regularly scheduled meetings with their teachers on a frequent basis for the teachers to provide needed instruction, adequately judge student progress, and make appropriate modifications. 


At least weekly interaction on student progress via electronic meetings will occur. Teachers are available to students between regularly scheduled meetings as-needed to ensure student success, whether on a google meet, zoom, by phone or e-mail. 


The school provides supports for parents/guardians/caregivers, and other responsible adults who work with independent study students.


All students have access to counselors and/or other personnel and services that meet their academic, social, career, and emotional needs. The school provides needed support to secondary students when parents/guardians/caregivers are not available or do not play a supportive role in the student’s life.


Special education students admitted to independent study continue to receive the supports outlined in their individualized education programs.


Courses and materials are aligned to state content standards, and textbooks are those most recently adopted by the State Board of Education or, in the case of high school, by the LEA - BHUSD BOE.


Teachers and administrators understand that assessment is an integral, vital element in educational delivery. As part of the ongoing assessment of student achievement by highly qualified and committed teachers, a student-level data system is utilized, and student academic progress and achievement are frequently assessed.


Both teachers and the school monitor student academic progress and use state assessment data and other measures to shape and modify the school’s instructional program in a timely manner.


The school identifies students who are struggling (e.g., missing assignments, missing appointments, not making adequate progress, etc.) and provides early interventions and supports that enable students to succeed.  

For further information provided by the CDE visit: (

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