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Welcome to the ILC for Grades TK-5

The BHUSD ILC will start Spring Semester the week of January 5th, 2021. To enable our younger learners to thrive the partnership between the ILC and parents cannot be overstated. In alignment with regular school, this will run Monday through Friday of each week and conform to the school calendar. 

If you wish to apply for the ILC you must already be enrolled in BHUSD. Visit to do so. 

The Elementary School covers grades TK through 5. Each student will remain in their current school as a Husky (HM), or Viking (HAW), whilst attending the ILC. 

The ILC for Grades TK-5 will be taught through standards-aligned resources while our expert teachers will also use familiar platforms such as Seesaw and Google Classroom to deliver instruction. 

Daily Schedule (Monday - Friday):

To assist with the social-emotional wellbeing of our students, each morning will begin with a Morning Check-in. 

Each day students in grades TK-2 will meet with their teachers in small groups for 15-20 minute lessons per subject.

Each day students in grades 3-5 will meet with their teachers in small groups for 25-30 minute lessons per subject.

Students will be required to complete all curriculum and assessments through the resources with the support of an assigned teacher. In addition to any other meetings, office hour appointments may be set by the teacher for additional


  • Students can access free-reduced lunch by picking up meals at their designated location

  • Students can participate in any after school activities/ sports if Department of Health allow for group gatherings

  • Special Education and English Language Learners can access this program


By applying for this program, you must make at the minimum one semester commitment. If you are interested in applying for your student to attend the Independent Learning Center, please click here.


You must submit one application per student you are applying for. 

Please click here for additional FAQs. 

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Combining traditional education with the future, providing a way for every child to learn and grow.

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