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Welcome to the ILC,

Here at BHUSD, we understand that the traditional learning model does not fit every student, especially during a global pandemic, that is why we offer options! 

The BHUSD ILC is our Independent Learning Center. The ILC was established in 2019 with the purpose of supporting our students who learn better in a non-traditional classroom setting, who are unable to participate in regular school due to factors such as career opportunities or mental health suitability.


We want all of our students to thrive at BHUSD and when COVID-19 presented an obstacle for traditional classroom learning for the 2020/2021 school year, we were ready with our ILC. If you wish to apply for the ILC you must already be enrolled in BHUSD. Visit to do so. If you are already enrolled with BHUSD, click below to apply for our ILC.

When designing the ILC the BHUSD Vision & Mission was always a priority:


In a safe and supportive community, BHUSD will deliver a rigorous and enriching quality education, and prepare all students to thrive as productive citizens in a complex, changing world. 

All students will be inspired to act with integrity and realize their academic potential while achieving college and career readiness.

Through the ILC all students receive rigorous, enriching instruction with state and district-approved academic standards from BHUSD’s renowned educational teachers and staff. All staff, not just educators, receive ongoing professional development to ensure this reimagined way of delivering instruction maintains excellence and provides a way for every child to learn and grow.

The Elementary School covers grades TK through 5 and the Secondary School covers grades 6 through 12. Each student will remain in their current school as a Norman (BHHS), Bulldog (BVMS), Husky (HM), or Viking (HAW), whilst attending the ILC. 

The ILC allows our instructors to provide individualized support and helps increase engagement while being sensitive to screen time.


Dr. Michael Bregy 

Superintendent of Schools

Michael Bregy.jpg
Dr. Michael Bregy 

Superintendent of Schools

Dustin Seemann.JPG

Dustin Seemann

Assistant Superintendent,

Education Services

Loren Newman.png

Loren Newman

Coordinator of the Independent Learning Center


Sarah Kaber

Principal, Hawthorne Elementary School & ILC Elementary Program

Combining traditional education with the future, providing a way for every child to learn and grow.

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